You can get 365 partners with stats Perform

With this upgrade, the licensed sportsbook offers an Opta-based player and team statistics market for nearly double the price it was previously, bringing the total to more than 7,000 matches per year, allowing players to grow and play thrillingly whenever they shoot, pass, and tackle.

The statistical market has reinvigorated football betting in recent years on the back of Opta’s investments and uniquely trusted brands, and has featured heavily in popular betting experiences such as the same game multi.

“Collecting and providing Opta data for 3,000 new matches required for a frictionless and reliable player statistical betting experience is the culmination of months of work for a team of experts,” said Andrew Ashenden, chief betting officer at Stats Perform. “These efforts strengthen our commitment to helping operators innovate and create attractive, personalized products that customers love. We are pleased that this ambition has been recognized by bet365 which has added this new competition to our offerings at a quick opportunity.” 경마사이트

Along with the extended Opta data feed coverage, Stats Perform has added other key tools to enable more enjoyable and reliable betting and more reliable trading:

Opta Trading Viewer enables sportsbook trading teams to further enhance customer experience by optimizing transaction, pricing, and settlement workflows for statistical markets,

The same game multi-assistance, a fully hosted application within Stats Perform’s Content Player Pro, helps betting companies find in-form players in over 15 statistical categories for over 250 global leagues. This product provides important information before and during the race to make it easier for betting companies to make betting decisions on statistical markets, including the same game multi, betting builder and pre-scanned multi.

“Reliable premium Opta players and team data helped inject material growth into a mature football betting experience, which we rarely believed was possible,” Asenden said. “It has helped sportsbook operators open new customer segments, reinvent betting entertainment, contribute significantly to margins, while creating trusted betting experiences that are phenomenally popular with users. Every leading global sportsbook models, manages, selects Opta data to trade in, and helps bettors track and settle markets running on the front end. We are proud to be at the forefront of this innovation, thanking the team for their continued high-quality work and licensed sportsbook partners such as bet365 for their creativity and support. Moreover, this is still just the beginning of our ambition to expand space further.”

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