All Matrix Agrees To UK Brand Matchbook Agreement With Casino Engine

EveryMatrix has partnered with Matchbook, a British Tier-1 operator, in a multi-year partnership to transform the brand’s casino business by supplying its casino engine platform and cross-product BonusEngine technology.

CasinoEngine, an industry-leading integration and productivity platform, will empower Matchbook’s entire casino operations with BonusEngine, which will further drive the brand’s growth with bonus tools across products proven to boost, acquire, and sustainability and generate exceptional performance.

Founded in 2004, Matchbook is a well-known online betting exchange in the United Kingdom that has developed a significant sports betting player base in the domestic sphere through low-margin sports markets and innovative product offerings.

CasinoEngine aims to significantly grow Matchbook’s complementary casino services into a world-class, multi-vertical digital entertainment environment with thousands of top-performing gaming portfolios available. 파친코

EveryMatrix has a proven track record year-over-year results for Tier-1 casino customers. In 2022, EveryMatrix operator partner’s Gross Gaming Revenue casino performance reached more than EUR 1 billion, with EUR 374 million and EUR 4.32 million in Q1 and Q2 2023, respectively, up 77% and 86% year-on-year, respectively, compared to Q1 and Q2 2022.

Matchbook will also integrate jackpot engines and bonus engines to further strengthen its gaming segment with flexible and configurable jackpot customization and a variety of industry-leading player rewards and bonus management features.

Stian Enger Pettersen, head of casino engines at EveryMatrix, said: “We have long admired Matchbook as one of the UK’s leading brands. So I’m excited to work with them to accelerate and take the casino business to a new level through the power and possibilities of casino engines and bonus engines.

“We have demonstrated many times that our technologies, products and services have combined to create the ultimate casino productivity platform that drives immediate results in any other market and generates sustainable long-term growth for the brand.”

Matchbook CEO Malcolm Graham said, “Our sports offerings are recognized as best in class, and we plan to replicate our casino success with our new partnership with EveryMatrix to create the best player experience of the 21st century with the latest personalized content, bonuses, and rewards.

“EveryMatrix is excited to be involved and looking forward to the journey ahead.”

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