KIA 21-year-old left-hander 150km fireballer has started oiling again…”Sept. of Destiny” to be full on the first drink

KIA also achieved a sweep against Incheon SSG on the 3rd with the powerful momentum of the batters. Recently, it has been so hot that it has been in the spotlight. However, it turned out that KIA was a very important game because of this player, regardless of the win or loss.

Lee Yi-ri, 21, left-hander fireballer. On August 22, he retired against Suwon KT with four hits, five strikeouts, two outs and two runs in four innings. The fastball speed suddenly fell to 130km from the third inning, raising concerns. It was not an intentional slow-down adjustment, but an discomfort in the shoulder was detected. 온라인카지노

Fortunately for the misfortune, no medical abnormalities have been identified. Lee Eui-ri also did not complain of any additional inconvenience. The hospital said it was not necessary to skip the starting rotation, but head coach Kim Jong-guk chose to cross after beating the stone bridge.

Luckily, it was canceled due to rain on the day I had to use Lee Eui-ri’s replacement starting pitcher, and Lee Eui-ri returned from the game on the 3rd. He allowed four hits, four strikeouts, three walks and four runs in three innings. It was Choo Shin-soo who gave up a leadoff home run in the bottom of the first inning that he hit the course coming into the border line rather than a mistake. At the end of the second inning, the change-up he used to Cho Hyung-woo, a battery in Gwangju Jeil High School, went somewhat higher.

It was not a bad thing because he had two hits and three walks instead of two home runs. Moreover, it was fortunate that he was not sick after taking the mound in practice. And he showed off his “heightness” by raising his speed again to up to 150km. Even after taking the mound, there were no abnormal signs.

Park Jae-hong, a commentator for MBC Sports Plus, who broadcast the game, predicted that KIA would have planned the game with the thought of removing Lee Eui-ri early. In other words, there must have been a limit on the number of pitches because it was his first appearance since his return.

Since it was a sensitive shoulder issue for pitchers, I had to be careful. It is not just a pitcher who has used it for a year or two, but a next-generation native ace who will succeed Yang Hyun-jong. It’s a loss if you’re sick. This is why he was excluded from the first division once with Yoon Young-chul in the first half.

This is the beginning. It is not unreasonable to expect better content from the next mound, as it was confirmed that energy was released normally from Lee Eui-ri’s arms and shoulders again, just as the machine turned around without any problems when he oiled his return game.

Moreover, KIA is currently unable to operate its fifth starter due to the absence of Mario Sanchez. He has to return to the starting pitcher once a week as a substitute. There will be a total of seven consecutive games against Doosan and LG this week. Replacement starters must go in twice unconditionally. Although it is already planning to attack the quantity, it is necessary to collect the number of wins as much as possible when the existing four starters come out.

Now, the batting line is more than offsetting the Achilles heel on the mound, but the batting line cannot score 10 hits and 10 points throughout 144 games. Ace Thomas Panoni is calculated to some extent, and you can’t expect much from Yoon Young-chul. It is a good thing that Yang Hyun-jong returned as Yang Hyun-jong. If so, Lee Eui-ri’s remaining season performance is the last variable that can improve the stability of KIA’s performance.

Lee Eui-ri will respond to the call-up of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team scheduled for the 22nd. KIA, which has the most games left among the 10 clubs, will still have an important schedule after Oct. 7, when the final will be held. However, in reality, it is unclear whether Lee Eui-ri will be able to return after the Asian Games final to find his condition and take the mound. As such, the remaining appearance in September is important for Lee I-ri. You have to squeeze the remaining strength out of pain. Lee Eui-ri is the biggest variable in KIA’s move in September.

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