Yasmin, the main character of “Triple Crown”…Like in the movie, “Sweet Romance on the Court” with your boyfriend

It is the story of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Yasmin, who led the team to a victory with 25 points, including five serve points, in the ‘2012-2022 Dodram V League’ match between Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on the afternoon of the 19th.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction won against Heungkuk Life Insurance with a set score of 3-1 (25-15 22-25 25-15 25-16) and won 11 consecutive games. 스포츠토토탑

Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s Yasmin, who achieved the triple crown, flew in the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance. In particular, he succeeded in five consecutive serve aces, devastating Heungkuk Life’s defense. Yasmin said after the game, “It’s really good. “I practiced serving a lot, and I’m glad it led to good results,” he said.

Yasmin of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, who was very active, met his boyfriend on the court who supported him throughout the game after the game. He expressed his gratitude with a back hug and a sweet kiss to his boyfriend who always supported him.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Engineering & Construction will try to win 12 consecutive games against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 28th after recharging through the All-Star break

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