Lotte got off to a shaky start in the top of the first inning by allowing a solo home run to Hanwha’s leadoff hitter Lee Jin-young

At the bottom of the sixth inning, Kim Min-seok hit his second home run of the season with a two-run home run, setting the stage for the chase. In the top of the eighth inning, Hanwha Lee Do-yoon attempted a surprise bunt. Lotte’s Koo Seung-min and first baseman Jeon Joon-woo ran toward the ball, but they collided with each other and failed to catch the ball because the cause of death did not match.

In the end, Lee Do-yoon made an additional point by coming home to Jung Eun-won’s timely hit.

The disappointing defense came back in the top of the 10th inning. In the top of the 10th inning, Lee Jin-young attempted a bunt to Shin Jung-rak with no outs and runners on first base. Shin Jung-rak and Jeon Joon-woo, who have been working for defense, looked at each other because their signatures did not match again this time. Jeon Joon-woo, who picked up the ball one beat late, failed to throw the ball to first base. It was a bunt hit, but it was a defense close to a mistake.

Lotte’s Jeon Joon-woo is not a professional infielder. Jeon Joon-woo, who started practicing first base defense last year, saw the first baseman’s defender for the first time in the 2023 season against Samsung on June 11. Since he is not a seasoned first baseman, he made a mistake.

Lotte, which quickly caused a crisis of runners on first and second base with no outs, attempted a full base operation by giving up a sacrifice bunt to Hanwha Kwon Kwang-min and four intentional pitches to Noh Si-hwan.

Hanwha Chae Eun-sung, who is strong in chances, hit a timely hit and became the winner of the final game of the three-game series against Lotte.

Hanwha starter Peña pitched 92 pitches, three hits (one home run), one walk, six strikeouts, and two runs (two earned runs) in 5⅓ innings, but failed to record a victory as the bullpen failed to secure the victory. 바카라

Lotte allowed three runs, allowing eight hits, four walks and four home runs, with starter Na Kyun-an throwing 91 balls in four innings.

Hanwha Chae Eun-sung led the team to victory with two hits in four at-bats, one RBI, one run, and two walks, while Moon Hyun-bin, who hit two hits in four at-bats, hit home runs for two consecutive days.

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