Scotland has already announced the resumption of casinos

Although the date is still preliminary, Scottish casino operators are hopeful that they will be open for visitors in the near future. The decision to set a reopening date came due to pressure from casino industry representatives.

Scotland’s First Minister approved the reopening of gambling facilities on Aug. 24. Allowing casinos to return to normal is part of the overall programme of business reopening. It is worth mentioning that the country is in the third stage of quarantine. If the situation changes, the government is entitled to postpone the date. 파칭코사이트인포

Not to mention casinos should follow precautions, including face masks and social distancing for visitors and staff. There are 11 land casinos located in Scotland, providing jobs for about 800 people. The Chief Executive of the Betting and Gaming Commission commented on the decision and stressed that all gambling facilities are well-prepared to ensure the safety of players and employees.

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