Stanley Ho – Seven Facts About the Biggest Casino Empire

Stanley Ho Hung-sun is the biggest player in the gambling industry in Hong Kong and Macau, which is constantly mentioned in the global casino news. Almost everyone in Asia knows about the legendary figure because it was thanks to his efforts that Macau transformed from an ordinary castle into a gambling entertainment capital. Stanley Ho is still very popular even though he is already over 90.

The life of the successful billionaire follows with interest not only those who visit gambling houses but also those who are far from the world of excitement. And this is not surprising. Because sometimes there’s news in the media about conflicts with a lot of his relatives over his empire. This is because this man has been married four times and has 17 children. Stanley’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 billion.

Stanley Ho was born in Hong Kong in 1921, and was the ninth of 13 children. Ho’s family was quite wealthy, but after his father was broke, they faced many difficulties. Stanley’s father left his family, and his two older brothers committed suicide. The boy realized that he could rely only on his own strength, and thanks to his hard work, he was able to win a scholarship at the University of Hong Kong. However, as World War II began, he did not finish his studies, and in 1941, the Ho family fled to Macau. In Macau, Ho started working for a company that imports and exports various products. Thanks to his passion, as well as his knowledge of four languages, Stanley soon became a partner with the company. However, the young man did not stop at that point, and he founded his own construction company. It was a very profitable business in post-war Hong Kong, and Stanley made a quick buck out of it. 온라인경마

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