The Hinkle brothers make history at WSOP

Blair and Grant Hinkle did not compete in the 2008 World Series Poker to make history. But a combination of brothers from Kansas did just that, and it took less than two weeks.

Eleven days after his brother shocked the poker world and captured the bracelet at a $1,500 no-limit hold event, Blair Hinkle made sure the family’s bragging rights didn’t last very long. He took possession of his bracelet after beating a stadium of 1,344 players in a $2,000 no-limit holdup event, making the Hinkle brothers the first brothers to win a gold bracelet within a year in WSOP history. The Hinkle brothers also joined Fergie and J.C. Pearson as the only sibling combination to win the bracelet.

“I really can’t believe it,” said 22-year-old Blair, who cashed in $507,563. “Both of us are amazing, having won the bracelet for 11 days. I was really happy for him when he won, but that’s when I knew I couldn’t let him wear the bracelet for too long. I knew what I had to go out and do.” 슬롯머신

Of his two wins, it was even more imaginable considering Blair turned professional this year after cashing in at last year’s WSOP main event. He has had success in the early stages of his new career, earning more than $160,000 in his rookie season.

“I’m not surprised to see him win another bracelet because he’s a great player. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins another one,” said Grant, who is just one of four amateurs to win a bracelet this year after winning $831,462 beating the record-breaking field of 3,929 players.

Grant and Blair’s mother, Lynn, was on the railway in Las Vegas to win for both of their sons and told them she wanted a replica bracelet made for her. If the Hinkle brothers brought the replica jewelry, they would definitely send one south to Arizona, where “Grandma Sue” could take much of her son’s interest in the game.

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