Tom McEvoy learned to play poker when he was 5 years old in Michigan, sitting on his grandmother Lewis’ lap

Growing up, he continued playing games regularly, attended high school, and received a degree in accounting from nearby Ferris State University. Not only did he become an avid player, but McEvoy also grew to be a very talented player. There were many states where he could make more money from a $5 home poker game than his job as an accountant.

Ironically, six months before he was fired, McEvoy went to Las Vegas for a table tennis championship, which was one of his hobbies. But he didn’t do very well at the competition, as he spent most of his time at Caesars Palace playing seven-card studs until late in the evening.

“I made $1,000 in a week, which was pretty nice considering my salary was $18,000 at the time and the boss of my company made about $50,000,” he says. “I was planning to go back to [Vegas] on my next vacation. After I was laid off, the next vacation came a little earlier than I thought.” 온라인경마

McEvoy’s wife gave him the green light to consider firing by heading to Las Vegas to play cards. And while he made $3,000 in less than two weeks, what completely changed the situation was his discovery of World Series poker.

“I literally came across this,” McEvoy remembers. “I accidentally entered the hooves of a horse, and eight people were watching two guys play poker. I asked what the fuss was about, and someone said it was the last table for World Series poker.”

The two men playing head-to-head were Bobby Baldwin and Crandel Addington. Baldwin went on to win, and witnessing the match surprised McEvoy. “I was surprised by all of this. It affected me a lot,” he says. “That’s when I decided that this was something I wanted to try to make a living.”

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