“Phil was alerted and notified in a way that he had never been before.

On the rail, word of a penalty being called off when the game started spread like wildfire. And even the players were talking about it. “He currently has 1.7 million chips,” said Matusow, who was playing on one of the Amazon Room’s outer tables on Sunday. “He wouldn’t be there if they had kept the penalty.” 스포츠토토

While the drama revolved around Helmut at the featured table, the rest of the field played with caution, feeling the mood throughout the day. After more than a week of extremely aggressive play, the field slowed down as the stakes went up. If a player took 79th place, he would earn $77,200. Finishing in 72nd place earned $96,500. And finishing in 28th place (the field plays with 27 players today) earned $193,000.

With so much at stake, most players began looking for a clear chance to pick up their chips, avoiding questionable hands. And with friends and family watching with their iPhones in hand for live updates, these removals came at a slow pace.

Andy Bloch was waiting to see his MIT-era friend Tony Cher. When asked if he had a share, Bloch laughed and said, “Not yet.” It turns out Schurr has already approached Bloch about coaching him if he makes it to the final. “I know it’s still premature, but can you coach poker for four months?” Schur asked Bloch.

Bloch said it would be possible. And when asked for insight into Cher’s game, Bloch focused on tournament experience. “He’s a good gamble to make big stakes,” Bloch said. “But he doesn’t have much tournament experience.”

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