Table Mountain Casino Hits $129,000+

“Happy New Year!” said Jeff while accepting a random cash jackpot from the Table Mountain Casino, which just reached $129,520.56! Jeff and his wife took a short drive in their hometown of Ridley to celebrate her birthday. Jeff and his wife are both members of the Table Mountain’s player club, and they love all the rewards the club has to offer, including a large cash jackpot!

When asked what he plans to do with the life-changing bonanza, Jeff said he will buy a new car. He will climb up to the table-bought casino in style! What a great plan for an unexpected cash windfall! 파워볼게임

Table Mountain Casino is Jeff and his wife’s favorite and favorite place to win. In fact, they said that besides winning and a delicious buffet, the most favorite thing at Table Mountain Casino is the ‘friendly staff.’ They also mentioned that Table Mountain is the ‘cleanest casino.’ Table Mountain is famous throughout Central California for its kindest, most welcoming staff and Jeff and his wife definitely agree with it. The team members know the players’ names, and the guests are warmly greeted as soon as they walk through the door.

The Passive Cash is a player club favorite and can only be seen on slot machines at Table Mountain Casino in Central California, paying between $50,000 and $150,000. When the Passive Cash Jackpot is awarded, the meter is instantly reset to $50,000 and continues to rise up to $150,000 or until the next successful Passive Cash Jackpot. Player club members can earn between $50,000 and $150,000 just by playing a game by plugging their Club Card into their machine. You never know when and where this jackpot will pop. No one knows when and where this huge jackpot will pop!

“Congratulations to Jeff for starting this year with such a winning start,” said Rob Goslin, president and general manager of Table Mountain Casino, especially excited to hear that 2020 started with the Masive Cash Jackpot. He continued, “When Masive Cash became a hit, our teammates and guests were very excited. Congratulations to Jeff on all of us at Table Mountain Casino. This is the win!”

A big cash win is just one of the many special rewards that come by becoming a member of a player’s club at Table Mountain Casino. Joining the club is quick, easy, and free. To learn more about bingo, restaurant specials, such as the TLC concert at the Casino Indoor Event Center on Jan. 21, casino promotions and entertainment,

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