“Hwang Ui-jo secretly records exposure to other women’s ‘video call’… Police plan to summon additional people

It has been confirmed that the police are investigating Hwang Ui-jo, a former national soccer team member who was recently booked by the police for alleged illegal filming, this time through a video call that he also recorded exposure videos of other victims.

The police recently secured such statements in the process of investigating two women who said they had suffered damage from Hwang. 토토사이트

One of the victims reportedly claimed that he belatedly learned from a police investigation that footage of his body being exposed during a video call with Hwang was recorded in the past.

Accordingly, the police are considering legal principles whether Hwang can be charged with storing and possessing pornography as well as illegal filming.

When Hwang, who is currently staying in the UK, enters the country, the police plan to summon him further within this month to check the facts related to illegal filming.

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