Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, sports ethics center secretary general dismissed for crushing reports

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism dismissed Secretary A of the Sports Ethics Center, who caused controversy by crushing reports and failing to investigate.The Sports Ethics Center is an independent corporation established in August 2020 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a dedicated organization to protect the human rights of athletes and eradicate sports corruption.According to officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Sports Ethics Center on the 18th, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism conducted an office inspection of Director A for two weeks last month and then held a board meeting on the 8th to relieve Director A of his position after determining that it was difficult to perform his duties normally.Secretary A was criticized by members of the National Assembly after it was revealed that he did not investigate an incident reported during the audit of the National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee this year. When the Sports Ethics Center receives a report, it must immediately take measures to protect the reporter and the victim, assign a case number, and begin an investigation.

Afterwards, several lawmakers requested data related to Secretary A’s duties from the Sports Ethics Center, and in the process, they found negligence in work and ‘abuse of power’ in the workplace. As the circumstances became public, the Sports Ethics Center labor union continued to demand the resignation of Secretary A.Aside from the dismissal, the Sports Ethics Center is planning to hold a disciplinary committee meeting this week to decide the level of disciplinary action for Secretary A.Currently, the chairperson of the Sports Ethics Center is vacant, and Sports Director Choi Bo-geun of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is serving as acting chairperson.Former Vice Minister of Gender Equality and Family Lee Sook-jin, who was appointed as the first chairman of the board for a three-year term, resigned after seven months in office, and the second chairman Lee Eun-jeong, who served as dean of the National Police University, completed the remainder of her term and retired in October of this year.Since then, as the appointment of the chairman has become longer, the Sports Ethics Center has been operating the organization 온라인카지노 under an acting chairman system.

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