Following professional volleyball, there was a case of fraudulent voting in the professional basketball all-star game.

Following professional volleyball, fraudulent fan voting was confirmed in the professional basketball All-Star Game.The Korea Basketball League (KBL) announced on the 18th that it had invalidated 24,089 votes in the fan vote to select players for the professional basketball all-star game to be held on January 14th next year after circumstances of voting fraud suspected of identity theft were revealed.KBL conducted fan voting from November 27 to December 18, with one fan voting for 12 players once a day (maximum 2 per club).

In this process, it was revealed that the identity of a fan under the age of 14 was stolen to vote. It appears that children under the age of 14 took advantage of the fact that unlimited account registration is possible with one contact number. A KBL official said, “We called them directly to check, and if in doubt, we asked them to send us a family relationship certificate,” and, “The votes of fans who did not respond were excluded from the tally.”KBL announced that it plans to supplement voting methods, including adding a pre-certification system for minors under the age of 14 to prevent recurrence of such cases.Prior to this, on the 14th, the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) also announced that it had confirmed a large number of fraudulent votes in the All-Star Game fan voting.KOVO invalidated the vote, saying, “After voting ended, out of the total 58,117 votes (10.2% of the total), 5,941 (10.2% of the total) were fraudulent votes,” 스포츠토토존 and corrected the total number of votes to 52,176. .

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