Dad is 23-year-old Man City star MF’Cute’ 4-year-old son is a ‘fashion model star’ team unofficial mascot Already earning hundreds of millions of dollars

Phil Foden, a midfielder of Manchester City in the English Premier League, has a four-year-old son. Foden was born as a teenager at age 23. His son is called Ronnie Foden. Ronnie, a four-year-old boy, has 3.82 million followers on social media. It may be because of his father, but it is not wrong to say that he created the figure alone.

According to an article reported by The Sun on the 27th, Ronnie is working as a model for various fashion brands and earning quite a lot of money.

Ronnie became a star because of his cuteness. Ronnie appeared everywhere along with his father. On the training ground, in the locker room, and in the Manchester City treble, Ronnie recorded with his father. But he was so cute that Manchester City players loved him. He looked like a ‘little fairy’.

That’s why Manchester City clubs and players call Ronnie the unofficial mascot of Manchester City. Manchester City fans also call the cute little boy “El Wei.” It means “that little boy” in Spanish.

Based on his popularity, Ronnie is said to be becoming the youngest fashion star. The Sun reported on Wednesday that Phil Foden’s son signed a modeling contract with a fashion brand after gaining 4 million fans on social media. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Ronnie is reportedly working as a clothing model for a fashion brand store. She is loved by adults for her cute appearance, taking pictures of a designer wearing clothes.

At the age of four, Ronnie has a natural star quality. When Manchester City won the Champions League in June, he monopolized the love of his fans by showing an innocent image, such as playing pranks on the camera while enjoying the joy of victory with other stars such as Jack Grealish as well as Foden’s dad. Since then, he has earned the nickname “The Dude” from his fans. It means the same thing as the Spanish word El Wei mentioned earlier.

The explosive popularity has made Ronnie the team’s unofficial mascot. Foden and mom Rebecca Cook have created social media named Ronnie for their son-fascinated fans, updating them from time to time. Most of them are photos of themselves traveling with their parents. Of course, there are many photos of them playing with a “light sword” or playing with a toy as a four-year-old boy.

Ronnie is currently being helped by an agency that manages the careers of Britain’s most popular talents, The Sun said. Thanks to the agency, Ronnie earns around £10,000 each time he models for each brand.

Fodon said of his son’s rise to social media star. “Ronnie’s personality has made him what he is. She’s bubbly and cute. I think Ronnie went quite viral after our team won the Champions League.”

Ronnie is not the only son who gained popularity from an early age thanks to his dad’s halo. Wayne Rooney’s son, Kai, also signed a contract with a global brand. David Beckham’s children, Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham, are also influencers famous for being models and soccer players.

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