Promising swimmers Jeong Hyun-taek and Song Dae-gyeom selected as Kyobo Sports Dream Scholars

Korean swimming management prospects Hyun-taek Jeong (12, Jincheon Samsoo Elementary School, Chungcheongbuk-do) and Dae-gyeom Song (12, Seoil Elementary School, Jeollabuk-do) were selected as the 3rd Kyobo Sports Dream Scholars in 2023.The Korea Swimming Federation announced on the 18th, “Jung Hyun-taek and Song Dae-gyeom received sponsorship certificates and donations at the 3rd Kyobo Sports Dream Scholarship certificate award ceremony held today at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.”Jeong Hyun-taek, who is 181cm tall, won two gold medals at this year’s National Boys Sports Festival, setting new competition records in the elementary school boys’ 50m and 100m backstroke.

Jeong Hyeon-taek, who will be the first student to enter the Chungbuk weight school established next year, said, “With the pride of being the first student to be admitted to a physical education middle school established in the region, I will train hard next year with the goal of entering the 27.0 second class for the 50m backstroke and the 59.0 second class for the 100m.” He confidently said, “My goal next year is to face my idol, Lee Joo-ho.” Song Dae-gyeom was selected as a management dreamer three years after registering as an elite professional athlete, and this year alone, he set new competition records seven times in the 50m and 100m freestyle at national swimming competitions.Song Dae-gyeom said, “I was happy just to participate as a representative of Jeonbuk in this year’s National Boys Sports Competition, but I am even more honored to win the competition with a new record and receive a scholarship as a result,” and added, “Next year, I will compete 카지노사이트킹 in good faith with seniors in the middle school division. “My goal is to win a medal,” he said.

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