Kang Jung-ho and Kim Ha-sung couldn’t do it in their ’21st-3rd year’ and four grand slams…”Changwon Idol” who waited for the full base

Such a shortstop will be hard to find in the KBO League. NC’s big gun shortstop has recently performed what Kang Jung-ho (retired) and Kim Ha-sung (San Diego), who have succeeded the KBO League’s representative shortstop genealogy, failed. NC Dinos’ “Changwon Idol” third-year shortstop Kim Joo-won (21) has already hit his fourth grand slam, gaining a reputation as a “man base man.”

Kim Joo-won appeared in the top of the eighth inning with one out and a full base in the regular season of the “2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” at Changwon NC Park on the 15th and hit his sixth 135km fastball against Samsung Choi Ha-neul. His fourth grand slam in his career. He wedged it 8-1, and NC chased second-place KT by 0.5 games. 토토사이트

Kim Joo-won, who debuted in 2021, has already hit four grand slam home runs in his third year at the age of 21. On August 25, 2022, he shot his first grand slam against Changwon Kiwoom and Yang Hyun, and on September 14, less than a month later, he recorded his second career grand slam against Samsung’s Won Tae-in against Changwon NC. On April 28 this year, he recorded his third grand slam against Felix Peña in the match against Hanwha in Daejeon. And his fourth grand slam of his career came out that day.

Kang Jung-ho, the founder of the KBO League’s big gun shortstop, only shot his first grand slam in 2011, the sixth year of his debut, and has four career grand slam. Kim Ha-sung, who succeeded Kang Jung-ho, also recorded his first grand slam in 2017, the fourth year of his debut. Kim Ha-sung also has four grand slam home runs in his career.

Kim Joo-won recorded his first grand slam faster than Kang Jung-ho and Kim Ha-sung and hit the grand slam as much as they did. And Kim Joo-won is proving to be a “man of all bases” with a batting average of .40 (12 hits in 30 at-bats) and 32 RBIs. He also set a double-digit home run record for the second consecutive year following last year (10 home runs).

After the game, Kim Joo-won said, “A full base situation was created in front of (Seo) Ho-chul, and I hoped that the full base opportunity would lead to me.” I wanted to hit more because I went to the batter’s box just because I kept thinking about it, and I focused a lot on each ball,” he said with a smile on why he was strong in the full base situation, “I’m trying to focus more on the pitcher without thinking about anything else. “I think I’m getting more focused because I have a strong desire to hit it,” he said.

Kim Joo-won will be transferred to the Hangzhou Asian Games team soon. His back number is the same as his team’s number 7. “I’m confident in every position,” he said. “I can do everything once you let me,” he said. “I want to learn all the good things and make them mine.”

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