PAGCO Warns Fake Online Game Site

The state gaming regulator Philippine Amuse & Gaming Corporation has warned against websites using the PAGCOR logo spreading without permission to mislead the public that their activities are linked to licensed offshore games in the Philippines.

Alejandro H. Tengco, chairman and CEO of PAGCOR, said he strongly recommends that the public be careful when accessing such online gaming websites “because they can pose a risk to personal and financial information.” 슬롯머신

The PAGCOR representative added that the results of the investigation and surveillance of the suspicious website have been approved by the Philippine police, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the National Bureau of Investigation to take appropriate action.

“So far we have been able to shut down most illegal websites, but some of them can immediately create new ones, so we really need public cooperation and vigilance to help us get rid of these crooks,” he said.

In another move, Tengko said it continues to work with law enforcement agencies and electronic payment service providers to explore the possibility of blocking payments to and from illegal gambling websites that have proven effective in the United States and Singapore.

“We will continue to follow up on illegal sites that have not been blocked or demolished in cooperation with NTC,” he said. “Another option is to create a landing site that will redirect you to a website that will warn you about illegal sites accessed by betters.”

Atty. Jessica Fernandez, vice president of APGCOR’s off-shore gaming licensing division, called on PAGCOR to immediately report “unauthorized use of our logo or misrepresentation of certification marks” to the public.

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