Korea is getting hotter and more humid… Climate Change Raid, Jamsil Dome Stadium Thirsty

On August 29, when KBO announced the remaining game schedule for 2023, a veteran front of a club said that the remaining game schedule of this season feels particularly high. There may be differences between clubs, but the feeling is generally right. In fact, more games than usual were canceled this year due to rain or ground conditions. Because of this, it was inevitable to organize a double header even though the preliminary days were densely packed. Even so, the regular season lasts at least until October 10. I should hope it doesn’t rain anymore.

Some criticize that the schedule for canceling the game at the beginning of the season was hasty. However, if you look at the situation every day, there were all reasons to cancel it. There were many cases where the start of the maintenance was meaningless due to the continuous rain forecast, or the stadium was canceled inevitably due to poor conditions due to heavy rain. There are times when fans have to make a quick decision before coming to the stadium. It does not cancel a game that can proceed normally. 먹튀검증

The problem lies ahead. The prevailing view is that the attack on climate change will intensify. As the environment is destroyed, mankind is facing volatile weather that has never been experienced before. Summer was especially hot in the northern hemisphere again this year. Not only our country but also other countries have been boiling. There used to be a concept of rainy season, but not necessarily these days. Local heavy rain, which is difficult to predict, is pouring. Baseball, which is close to the weather, is also bound to be greatly affected.

No one knows how this trend will work. However, it is expected to get worse roughly. If so, it means that the professional baseball season has to play such a tight remaining game schedule every year. Considering the professional baseball industry, which has already grown in time for 144 games, it makes no sense in reality to reduce the number of games.

Then there are two main ways. In the early part of the season, when the weather is not hot temporarily, there is a law to change the way the league proceeds, such as organizing games on Monday. There will be a lot of backlash on the spot, but it is better than playing a double header at the end of the season. The variables of ranking battles are also reduced. Fundamentally, the answer is to build more dome stadiums that are not affected by the weather. Even if it is not canceled due to rain, the summer weather in Korea continues to get hot. Fans want a more pleasant space.

It is one of the nine stadiums currently used by 10 clubs, Gocheok Sky Dome, the home stadium of Kiwoom, the dome stadium. Although it has been stigmatized as a “half dome,” there is no heaven like this in summer. It is also convenient for teams to calculate schedules because it is not affected by the weather. It is also a stadium where away team players who spend their summer schedules are looking forward to. Fans can also watch the game coolly. It’s the power of the dome stadium.

In reality, it is impossible to build domed stadiums all over the country. It’s expensive to build, it’s expensive to maintain. Professional baseball alone doesn’t pay. If there is no proper demand, it will go directly to the tax-eating hippo. So far, there have been numerous discussions on the dome stadium, but they have all fallen. This is because I can’t find the answer when I hit the calculator.

However, all nine stadiums need not be domes at all. Nor does the United States. Officials said, “Even if there are about three dome stadiums, the schedule will definitely be carried out faster. “There is a big difference in playing up to three games after playing one game at most during the rainy season.” Yoon Seok-min’s “Spot Time Baseball” crew also said, “If there are about three, players can feel that the dome stadium returns often.”

It is because there is a possibility of reality to mention ‘three’. Gwangju, Daegu, and Changwon have already been newly built as open. Daejeon is also being built in an open manner. The resignation was also decided open. These five stadiums can’t be helped. However, there is a dome stadium in Gocheok. And SSG is exciting baseball fans with its huge ambitions. It has been decided to build a dome stadium in Cheongna, Incheon. Construction will begin with the goal of opening the game in 2028. And the flame of the dome stadium is alive in Jamsil, which is scheduled to be developed as a complex space.

Seoul, the largest city in Korea, with all major functions concentrated, and one of the largest cities in the world, is a huge market that can create demand for dome stadiums. Not only baseball but also cultural events are concentrated. It will be expensive to build that much, but there is no doubt that it is the market that can be used most effectively. Although complex relationships such as developers and the Seoul Metropolitan Government are intertwined, LG and Doosan are also known to be interested in building dome stadiums. It has been confirmed that the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s will to promote it is relatively strong.

The construction of Jamsil New Stadium is such a complex issue that only the design and plan have been revised several times so far. This is because it is a large-scale project that not only builds baseball stadiums, but also organizes surrounding facilities at once. There is still a tendency to orbit because there are many things to care about. While baseball officials are closely watching, some say that public debate at the KBO level is now necessary.

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