Igdrasil heats up the Reels of Burning Blocks Giga Blocks

Igdrasil and Jelly will light a reel in their latest collaboration, Burning Blocks Giga Blocks.

The latest slot, which utilizes the iconic Game Engagement Mechanic (GEM) of the gummies, sees a 6×4 grid filled with classic fruit symbols, diamonds and bars, with the supersized symbols guaranteed to land every spin of up to 4×4. 바카라

To the left of the reel is a counter, where the number of diamonds present is related to cash payments, starting at six to 1.6 times, and getting 800 times more than 20.

Triggering the bonus spin feature requires at least five bonus symbols, in which all current icons are converted to one or two spins per symbol. In this mode, only four diamonds need to be awarded, with more landings leading to increased payments.

Burning Blocks Giga Blocks became the latest jelly game to join the YG Masters program, following Jungle Adventure Beastie Blocks Giga Blocks, as it continues to expand the scope of its themes and mechanisms in several leading industrial studios.

“Taking classical concepts like fruit slot graphics and connecting them with modern dynamics like GigaBlocks is one of the highlights of the YG Masters program, which provides space for innovation and bold ideas,” said Mark McGinley, chief gaming officer at Igdrasil. “We’re excited to work closely with Jelly for their latest game and we’re sure all generations of fans will enjoy Burning Blocks Giga Blocks.”

Based on Yggdrasil’s cutting-edge technology, GATI, this title enables partners to continuously produce and fast-distribute state-of-the-art content using standardized development tools that are preconfigured and compliant.

“We’re excited to launch our fiery new hit Burning Blocks Giga Blocks as we grow our portfolio further as part of the YG Masters initiative,” said Victoria Newbolt, marketing lead at Jelly. “Our offering with Igdracil is currently nine powerful products, and it was really possible for our development teams to integrate many GEMs and themes.”

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