IBIA report highlights role restrictions in supporting unregulated markets

The Availability of Sports Betting Products: An Economic and Integrity Analysis, an IBIA study, was prepared by H2 Gambling Capital and developed in collaboration with betting associations in Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. It used data from 12 markets where sports betting was regulated. 토토사이트

The study analyzed the impact of restrictive and liberal regulatory regimes on athletes’ habits, which focus on consumer protection, regulatory oversight, sports integrity and tax imposition.

The report found that there was a strong correlation between the availability of sports betting products and the percentage of consumers betting with land-based regulators. Channelization from a market where athletes face few restrictions to a legitimate market has reached over 90%.

Far from preventing consumers from betting, IBIA CEO Khalid Ali said the study confirmed that betting restrictions simply drove people into unregulated markets.

“The bottom line is clear. Allowing a range of sports betting products is essential if we want to protect consumers and sports from corruption while maximizing tax revenues.”

H2 director David Henwood added, “There is a lot of speculation that one of the main reasons customers are using overseas betting sites is because they offer a wider range of products than are available at sea. The findings reinforce this perspective.”

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