Facebook accused of taking part in illegal gambling

Social media giant Facebook is mentioned in all casino news stories as it is embroiled in complaints related to the harm of social casinos.

As reported, FB is accused of intervening in the cancer gambling market. Platform users have filed a lawsuit against a social casino where players can use real money but do not receive monetary compensation. 경마

Accusations are linked to the addiction of social casinos
The situation began in April when Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms Inc., was accused of the large number of social casinos available on the platform. Another complaint was filed this week. Says social casinos are overly addictive and can cause significant financial losses. In addition to this, that type of game is prohibited in many states.

According to the complaint, FB is interested in this vertical one as the company increases its revenue with help. It is assumed that the social network obtains 30% from the GGR that occurs. I am sure that plaintiffs also play a major role in promoting illegal gambling products. One of the functions of the platform is to collect your data, which is used for targeted advertising. As stated in the lawsuit, FB and illegal operators work together to benefit from players who spend heavily on gambling. Plaintiffs require the responsible agency to intervene in the situation and return Facebook’s illegally earned revenue.

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