Yoo Hyun-joo’s first appearance of the “Smile Sudden Straightness” season…What happened from the start?

Yoo Hyun-joo made a strong start in the 10th tee of the first round of the “BC Card-Hankyung Ladies Cup 2022” (total prize money of 800 million won, winning prize money of 144 million won) held at Pocheon Hills CC (par 72/6,610 yards in the preliminary round and 6,506 yards in the finals) on the 24th.

Yoo Hyun-joo will participate in the regular tour nine months after the Elkru-TV Chosun Pro-Celuvity held in September last year. 카지노사이트

At 7:50 a.m., he started in the same group as Yoon and Park Seo-hyun. As it was the first tournament on the regular tour, his determination was different. Last year, he posed for reporters before the tee shot and played with his fellow players, but he became very serious in this tournament.

After checking the ball with his fellow players, he warmed up lightly by stretching and focused only on practicing shots. Yoo Hyun-joo, who hit the tee shot for the first time, made the ball with a serious expression. As he moved for the second shot, he smiled briefly at the reporters and headed for the second shot.

The position of the second shot was fine. He checked the expected third shot and hit the second shot vigorously, but the ball flowed in the direction of OB. After Park Seo-hyun and Yoon Na hit the second shot, Yoo Hyun-joo hit the shot again. Yoo Hyun-joo’s expression hardened a lot, although the ball flew well this time.

Yoo Hyun-joo, who recorded a double bogey on the 10th tee, also hit the shot with a more serious expression on the 11th tee shot and moved to the second shot. Yoo Hyun-joo, who played eight holes, caught four bogeys and one birdie.

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