Coach Subero ran to Hanwha’s “sick finger” Jang Si-hwan…”You can do it!”

Hanwha manager Subero joined the second spring camp held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park on the morning of the 25th. Coach Subero, whose arrival was delayed from the original schedule due to passport issuance problems, entered Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 17th.

“Don’t worry it’s the main game,” Subero told the players, who had his first meeting with the squad in 2022. There is no unconditional opportunity to play. “Last year, we rebuilt, but this year, let’s set the direction of winning baseball and move forward together,” he said.

Coach Subero, who greeted the players slowly, watched the infield defenders and talked with coach Darrell Kennedy and senior coach Clementz, who coached the players as acting coaches at the first Geoje spring camp. 스포츠토토

Coach Subero reportedly prepared for the second camp training after watching the contents and videos of the first spring camp training provided by the club before entering the country.

Subero, who saw the pitching group players warming up, approached Jang Si-hwan. I watched Jang Si-hwan, who was warming up with Longtos, for a while.

Coach Subero corrected Jang Si-hwan’s posture in detail. He demonstrated the angle of his hands, wrists, and arms, and held Jang Si-hwan’s arms and wrists himself and gave a one-point lesson for about five minutes.

Hanwha Jang Si-hwan has pitched 45 games and 226 innings in the past two seasons. However, the number of wins was only four. I’ve had as many as 25 defeats. Seungri has been in a swamp of 13 consecutive losses since he won his last victory against Doosan (one run in six innings) on September 22, 2020.

Meanwhile, Jang Si-hwan took the mound as the third pitcher in a practice game against Kia at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 26th and threw 24 balls to check his condition and pitch type. Coach Subero praised Jang Si-hwan’s pitch, saying, “It is certain that he is a pitcher with a very good ball.”

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