East meets West – SBEA & SBWA 2020 merger

The decision to merge the two events SBEA and SBWA came after further discussions with advisers and speakers from both Nigeria and Uganda. The situation has made it impossible for most international participants to attend events in Lagos a mandatory seven-day self-isolation requirement for international travelers to Nigeria, mandated by the Nigerian Centers for Disease Control.

Organizers are constantly discussing with key industry stakeholders to coordinate how they deliver the best possible output and best value events. Their ultimate goal is to create a platform for gaming industry professionals to meet and share ideas for business growth, which should be the bulk of each company’s overall travel experience. 파친코

The merger of Sports Betting East and Sports Betting West Africa will create a three-day event that will give all participants more networking opportunities, while also giving them more time to discuss related topics about the East and West game ecosystem.

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