Do Major League pitchers also have different angles of bowing depending on their KBO league career?

When baseball players greet referees, coaching staff, and coaches, they take off their hats and greet them politely.

“Korean Express” Park Chan-ho, who advanced to the Major League in the past, took off his hat and bowed to the referee on the mound before the start of the game. Americans who saw this were also very interested in Korean manners.

Kiwoom Yokishi and SSG Nova, who started in the “2022 Professional Baseball Exhibition Game” between SSG and Kiwoom at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 22nd, showed a clear difference.

Kiwoom Yokishi, a former Major League Baseball player, has played in the KBO League since 2019. He has been playing a steady role since his first year of joining the team and faithfully plays the role of the Heroes’ ace. In addition, I am familiar with Korean baseball culture. Players are also familiar with referees. 바카라사이트

As for the reason for greeting the referee, one foreign player said, “It also means respecting the referee, and Korean baseball has no objection to taking off its hat and greeting because it knows the hierarchy between people who are classified by age.”

However, this is a rare scene in Major League Baseball.

Nova, a Dominican Republic native who entered the KBO League for the first time in his SSG uniform in the 2022 season, joined the New York Yankees in 2010. After that, he joined SSG in 2022 through Pittsburgh, Chicago White Sox, and Detroit. He pitched in 240 Major League games and recorded 90 wins and 77 losses with a 4.38 ERA.

After receiving the ball from the referee, Nova moved chicly to the mound and did not warm up with a practice pitch. It was a scene where we could see foreign pitchers adjusting to Korean culture regardless of who said hello to the referee to look good.

Some foreign players who have played in the KBO for a long time greet each other while receiving the ball before the game, and some players do not. It can be seen as differences in individual characteristics, personality, and culture.

SSG Nova had a maximum speed of 150 kilometers on the day. Five strikeouts, three hits, throwing 47 pitches in four innings. He scored one run and checked his first real-life experience and condition on the Korean stage.

Eric Yokishi of Kiwoom in his fourth year in the KBO League played in his second exhibition game and showed stable condition with three scoreless innings.

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