Anonymous gamblers helped change his life

The 41-year-old has now emerged from gambling addiction and first joined Gambler Anonymous since January 2023. Simon said he hasn’t spent a single penny gambling since becoming part of the support group. He added, “It’s the longest I’ve been without gambling since I was 19, and it’s changed my life.”

According to Simon, anyone who gambles more than they can afford has a problem. “Addiction isn’t about how much money you spend. I’ve made millions of pounds from gambling, but if you spend more than you can afford, even if it’s 100 pounds, you have a problem,” he said. 메이저 토토사이트

Despite years of struggling with gambling addiction, the man could not say what caused his addiction. Still, he said he understood the devastating effects of gambling, adding that if he hadn’t stopped gambling when he did, he would have lost everything, including his business, his wife, and his two children.

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