Gambling Spending Surges 18% In Denmark

Danish gambling regulator Spillemindbimeden released new data, highlighting a significant increase in spending on gambling activities this February. Data released on Tuesday showed total gambling spending on online casinos, game consoles, land casinos and bets jumped to $587 million ($83.8 million). The above results showed a year-over-year increase of 18.3% compared with February 2023 data. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

An analysis of $587 million ($83.8 million) in total gambling spending reported in February showed year-over-year increases across all subcategories. The lowest spending was on consoles with a $100 million ($14.3 million) gross revenue (GGR).

The land casino reported DKK 32 million ($4.6 million) at GGR. Compared with DKK 30 million ($4.3 million) in February 2023, the latest results showed a 7.01% year-over-year increase.

Danish customers’ spending on online casinos has increased dramatically. In February last year, iGaming operators reported $234 million ($33.4 million) in revenue for GGR, but this year, sales have soared to $278 million ($39.7 million). The latest figures show an increase of 18.53 percent compared to last year.

While iGaming registered a solid increase in GGR, the largest revenue increase was observed for betting activity. Overall, February’s GGR attributable to betting activity soared to DKK 178 million ($25.4 million), a stunning 32.55% increase over the same period last year. According to Spilleminden, “growth in betting may be explained by a lower RTP in February 2024 compared to February 2023.”

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