Small businesses protesting Youngkin’s amendment

Speaking of small businesses, small business owners are just as concerned about Youngkin’s amendment. Skills games have been a lifeline for those companies since 2020 and have provided extra revenue for thousands of restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations.

In an interview with 8 News, Virginia gas station owner Munir Rashwala expressed disappointment with the government’s priorities, saying state leaders treat expensive casinos with more respect than small business owners. 토토사이트 순위

Rassiwala and more than 500 other companies have joined forces to protest Youngkin’s crackdown on skill games. The protest is also supported by the Virginia Merchants and America’s Coalition.

For your information, skill games have been a point of contention for a while. Skill games actually allow players to choose a winning payline, even though they are similar to slot games. This adds at least an individual engagement factor that sets them apart from the slot, depending on the sponsor.

Adding insult to injury, Youngkin’s amendment would also increase taxes on skill games from 25% to 45%, allowing only Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Management Authority licensees to offer such products.

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