What changes will be made to the property before it reopens to keep customers and employees safe?

We’ve made a big difference, and it’s a different way of operating. We’ve decided not to open buffets that are now closed indefinitely. Since we were located in one of our restaurants offering more space, we’ve also closed off-track bets. We’ve also closed our casinos every day from 3 to 7 a.m. for deep cleaning, which is why we’ve changed our business and operations.

We are implementing social distancing in our accommodation, installing plexiglass between machines, and in front of checkout counters, reward clubs, convenience stores, and hotel fronts. Masks are always required for both guests and staff, and we are conducting temperature checks for our staff and guests. We are also continuing to clean throughout the day. In fact, I have asked executives to take 30 minutes off from their regular work schedule and go out on the floor to clean their machines. 슬롯머신

It is our every responsibility to maintain a safe environment for everyone. It has been very effective for both the customers and the staff. They appreciate it. Customers appreciate what we see actively cleaning. The staff appreciate the fact that higher management is dedicated and stand with them by providing a safe environment.

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