“Weak” Man Pogba… Football Career Ends

Paul Pogba (30, Juventus) is running towards the end of his soccer career. Prohibited drugs have been detected and he is expected to face severe disciplinary action. Juventus, his team, is also seeking to break up with Pogba. Currently, the Italian Anti-Doping Commission has requested maximum disciplinary action (four years).

Many, including Italy’s La Gazeta Delo Sport, said on the 8th (Korea time), “If Pogba is disciplined as an anti-doping prosecutor, his contract with Juventus is expected to end. Pogba has already been banned and has not trained since September. If the anti-doping committee disciplinary action is confirmed, the relationship between Pogba and Juventus is expected to end,” he reported.

Pogba dreamed of becoming a professional player at Manchester United. He sweated a lot as manager Alex Ferguson wanted to join the Manchester United team, but it was not easy. It was Juventus who left the team and built a new nest.

He joined as a free agent but his potential exploded at Juventus F.C. Under Antonio Conte, he became a top-class midfielder. During his four seasons with Juventus F.C., he played 177 games, scoring 34 goals and 40 assists. Together with Artur Vidal, Claudio Marquisio and Andrea Pirlo, he played in Europe beyond Italy. 온라인경마

He instantly became a player that everyone in Europe is paying attention to. His name was listed on the FIFPro World’s Best Eleven, the UEFA Team of the Year, and the Serie A Team of the Year, which boosted his stock price. He connected with Barcelona and Real Madrid, but the team that gave Pogba a big hit was Manchester United, his former team.

At the time, Manchester United assigned Jose Mourinho the coach. He dreamed of rebuilding a top-class midfielder or a prestigious family. He pinned hope on Pogba, who had grown significantly by paying 105 million euros, the highest transfer fee ever at the time.

He showed good performance in his debut match at the Premier League. He showed threat from the waist of Manchester United, making Old Trafford excited. However, he could not fully incorporate Mourinho’s tactics. “Any player who is over 100 billion won (98 million U.S. dollars) should show his best performance in any position,” criticized Manchester United legend Roy Keane.

There were rumors that he was at odds with Mourinho. When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took the helm of Manchester United, he seemed to sparkle for a while but took a path to slump. There were rumors that Manchester United wanted to renew his contract with Pogba, but he ended up leaving the team as a free agent.

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