“$700 million in 10 years, most of them paid later” Thanks to Otani’s big concession… Dodgers’ power is still strengthened

Shohei Ohtani’s contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers will likely make history in that regard as well. A significant portion of the 10-year, 700-million-dollar contract is reportedly subject to payment later. He said the decision was made due to concern that if he receives too much money at once, the club will not be able to afford to spend additional money. He made the decision even though his cash could lose its value over time.

Ohtani announced his decision to transfer to the Dodgers via Instagram early on the 10th (Korea time). “I apologize to all the fans and all the people in the baseball community that it took a long time to make a decision. I have decided to choose the Dodgers as my next team,” Ohtani said. The U.S. media began to report on Ohtani’s conditions for the Dodgers one after another. It is the largest contract in the history of the U.S. professional sports league as well as the Major League with 10 years and 700 million dollars. Ohtani, who made history as a pitcher and batter, has become a hero of new history this time by signing an FA contract.

However, the deal does not necessarily mean “70 million dollars a year.” “According to sources, Ohtani’s contract with Dodgers was mostly contingent on post-payment. Post-payment was Ohtani’s idea. The deal is aimed at saving liquidity given Dodgers’ luxury tax burden and cash flow,” wrote Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. 바카라사이트

ESPN’s Jeff Bankruptcy reporter said, “After the 10-year contract is over, it seems that we have received a lot of money from 2034. The Dodgers can build a better team.” Thanks to Ohtani’s consideration, the Dodgers is able to continue to strengthen its power even after capturing the biggest fish in the FA market for a historic amount of money.

Ohtani knows better than anyone that he cannot guarantee a victory with the strength of one or two players. He has never made the playoffs with the Los Angeles Angels. Even Mike Trout, the former best hitter in the Major League, did. Even Trout had the only playoff experience in the 2014 American League Division Series, and even that ended with a three-game losing streak.

Ohtani once won the title when he was a pro baseball player in Japan. He swept the Japan Series after winning the first place in the Pacific League in 2016 when he played for the Nippon-Ham Fighters. When he challenged for the Major League after the 2017 season, he dreamed of winning the title, but failed to achieve that dream with the Angels. The Angels were a team that was far from a fall baseball team to the extent that Ohtani’s “I want to win” was interpreted as his declaration that he would leave the team soon.

During the past three years when Ohtani rose to MVP status, the Angels had a winning percentage of less than 50 percent. He has never won more than 80 games. He went 77-85, 73-89, and 73-89. Sam Bloom, an Angels reporter, pointed out that “Otani’s transfer must have been influenced by a number of factors. However, the fact that the team is not winning will live on forever in his career.”

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