Tottenham’s method of using midfielder Rossellso is drawing attention.

Tottenham lost 1-2 in the 12th round of the 2023-24 Premier League against Wolverhampton on the 11th. Tottenham suffered a gap in the 11th round of the Premier League against Chelsea, where Madison was injured, and suffered a loss in its first game since Madison’s injury, as it struggled to target the opponent’s defense.

The British Evening Standard said: ‘Tottenham manager Postecoglou has a new plan for Rossellso to fill Madison’s void. Lo Celso has been impressive during the pre-season and is set to make his first start for Tottenham in two years.

The media outlet said, “Madison will not be able to play until the end of this year. Hoybier did his best in the match against Wolverhampton, positioning himself at the forefront of Tottenham’s midfielders, but Hoybier was not Madison. Tottenham said Bentancur returned, but manager Postecoglou said Bentancur meant that defensive midfielders were more suitable than offensive midfielders.

In particular, Roselso can replace Madison. He was a substitute for 20 minutes against Wolverhampton and could have scored an extra goal. Lo Celso played the leading role in Argentina’s Copa América title in 2021, and when he was injured ahead of the Qatar World Cup, he was also considered a big loss of power for the Argentine national team,” he said. “Lo Celso also played the leading role in Villarreal’s Champions League semifinals in the 2021-22 season. Lo Celso is clearly a talented player,’ he stressed.

Also, Rossellso has been seen as an unfit player for the Premier League since joining Tottenham in 2019. “I’ve been injured too much,” he said, but “Roselso has a chance to make a strong impression in England. Lo Celso brings energy and creativity to the team along with his playmaker role and can sometimes directly threaten the opposing goal. Madison’s injury could fill Tottenham’s shortcomings,’ he added. 카지노사이트 순위

Maddison said after the knee injury against Chelsea: ‘Unfortunately, football is like a rollercoaster. I need time to move away from the pitch. “See you again next year,” he said to Tottenham fans, before expressing his intention to “make sure that I promise to come back stronger.” Madison, who joined Tottenham this season, played in 11 Premier League games, scoring three goals and five assists. He also showed outstanding performance in connection with Son Heung-min. Madison was the player who delivered the most balls to Son Heung-min among Tottenham players by connecting passes to Son Heung-min 43 times in Premier League games this season.

Roselso joined Tottenham in 2019, but he did not perform as well as expected. He has been active since he was loaned to Villarreal for the second consecutive season starting in the 2021-22 season, along with his slump at Tottenham.

In his four seasons with Tottenham, Rossellso has played 58 Premier League games, scoring one goal and three assists. Less than half of Roselso’s 58 games started. He played in three games this season, but all of them were substituted. Roselso has lost his presence in Tottenham, but he is steadily playing as a main midfielder in the Argentine national team.

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