Tottenham’s former manager reveals reason for Dyer-Tottenham split

Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has given his opinion on why Eric Dier was forced to leave Tottenham for Bayern Munich.

Dyer’s move to Bayern in the winter transfer window marked a turning point in his career. When Dyer was initially linked with a move to Bayern, there was a lot of concern. Even after the deal was finalized, English and German soccer fans were not convinced by the reasoning behind the signing.

But in less than two months, Dyer has turned those concerns into expectations. After a quick debut, Dyer has been a steady performer and has integrated himself into Thomas Tuchel’s tactics.

He even pushed Kim Min-jae out of the way. It wasn’t until the second leg of the Champions League against Lazio that Dyer fully established himself as a starter. In Germany, the duo of Dyer and Matthias Düricht have been praised by the local media, with some calling Dyer a pillar of the team and others calling Kim a loser.

For some fans, Dyer’s performance at Bayern has been incomprehensible. Why would Tottenham sell a player like Dyer, who could certainly play a role at Bayern, when he could have done so much more? Even though Dier was in a serious slump at Tottenham, he could still be considered useful at Bayern given his performances at Spurs.

However, Sherwood, a former Spurs manager, explained that Dier was destined to leave the club because of the presence of one player.

‘Sherwood believes that Cristian Romero has established himself as the best defender in the English Premier League (EPL) and that is why Dyer left in January,’ says TBRFootball. Manager Enze Postecoglou did not favor Dyer, preferring Ben Davies and Emerson Royal. Sherwood claimed this was because Romero wanted to stay high up the pitch,” he said.

“The reason Dyer is not in the squad is because Romero is not fast. He’s probably about the same speed as Dyer. But he’s prepared to defend high up the pitch. That’s why they wanted to partner him with Micky Vander Penn, who has pace and can cover those 토토 situations,” explaining that Romero plays high up the pitch and Dyer’s slower pace isn’t enough to partner him.

In fact, Dier was criticized for his slow return to defense at Tottenham. At Bayern, on the other hand, he’s been praised for his stability in covering low positions. If Dyer had been paired with Romero, who was already a starter, he would likely not have been able to maintain a high defensive line, which would have made it difficult for Postecoglou’s tactics to work, and Sherwood claims that Spurs decided to sell him because of this.

TBRFootball also commented that ‘Dyer has been impressive for Bayern, he would have needed a fresh perspective at a new club and he’s doing just that’, adding that ‘Dyer certainly seems to have adapted to life in Germany with a fresh perspective.

Both Dyer’s choice to turn a crisis into an opportunity and Tottenham’s decision to make the move worked out for the best for both player and club.

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