Seung-Joon Son and Yoo-Chan Son on their way to their first spring title in five years

Hongdae Bugo held Bae Jae-go, who set a record of 134 points in their last game, to 70 points.

The sophomore trio of Park Jung-woong, Son Seung-joon, and Son Yoo-chan combined for 75 points to propel the team to the top four. Hongdae Bugo is averaging 90.2 points per game in the tournament, with 73.2 of those points coming from the sophomore trio. That’s 81% of the team’s scoring. They accounted for 60% of the rebounds and 87% of the assists.

The three sophomores are the biggest reason why Hongdae Bugo is one of the favorites to win the tournament. They have the ability to create their own points and set up their teammates. Their goals and assists so far prove it.

Son Seung-jun and Son Yoo-chan’s role is to assemble the team’s offense. The two guards have good penetrating ability and can get inside to finish on their own or create open looks with their passes. They have combined to average 43.6 points and 16.6 assists in five games.

Son is averaging 23 points, 7.8 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game in the tournament. He is second only to Park Jung-woong in points and rebounds, and second only to Son Yoo-chan in assists.

Son’s strength is his mid-range jumper or step-up layup after breaking through. He also has the ability to step outside when the defense is on him. His three-point shooting is inconsistent.

Son has a longer range and his strength is in man-to-man play. His passing in tight spaces is also excellent. That’s why he averages 9.8 assists per game.

However, Son Yoo-chan said that his “passes seem to be late” in this tournament. This is due to the fact that he had to rest his ankle injury just before the tournament. But it’s not a problem. Son Seung-joon and Park Jung-woong work together to create passes. In the quarterfinals, Son delivered seven assisted passes and Park six.

“My shooting is better than last season,” he said. In today’s game, Son Yoo-chan made three three-pointers. He has scored more than 20 points in every game. He averages three steals per game to help his defense.

Son’s role model is Hyundai Mobis’ Park Mubin. “I like how confident he always looks,” he says. He is from the same province and is also a senior at Hong Kong University. Son Seung-jun also wants to learn how to shoot from high school senior Lee Eun-hee (Korea University). He is confident in his defense. He thinks that if his three-point shot is stable, his offense will be upgraded.

Hongdae Bugo’s next opponent is Gyeongsungwoo. In the quarterfinals, they defeated Whimungo 71-59. The team came from behind to score 27 points after giving up just seven points in the fourth quarter. Oji-seok, who had been struggling a bit, came alive with 28 points and five assists, including four three-pointers.

Still, there was no sense of defeat. Son Seung-jun said he was “unconditionally confident.” “It’s going to be a hard-fought game, but we know how to play, so we’ll win,” said Son Yoo-chan. Son added to his confidence by saying, “We work well together as a team.”

The team is now just two games away from the title. But their opponents are some of the best teams in high school. Gyeongsung High School has been knocking off the top teams in the metropolitan area to reach the quarterfinals. On the other side are Gyeongbok and Songdo, who have boosted their morale with wins over rivals Yongsan and Jemulpo.

“We are the best in the backcourt,” says Son Seung-jun. They’ve already proven a lot, but they’re not done yet. Let’s see if they can prove themselves and reach the highest heights.


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