The World Cup Final Referee Controversially Attending Far

Simon Marciniak (Poland), who was the referee in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final, attended an event hosted by a far-right politician and was embroiled in controversy, but managed to keep his qualification as a referee for the UEFA Champions League final. 바카라사이트

According to the BBC on the 2nd , UEFA confirmed its official apology for attending the event and decided to maintain its decision to assign Marciniak as a referee for the 2022-2023 Champions final.

Marciniak attended a conference in Katowice, southern Poland, on the 29th of last month and was a speaker. The event was hosted by Slavomir Menchen, a politician classified as a far-right in Poland, where anti-racism groups and others demanded Marciniak explain how he attended the conference.

“The investigation has made it clear that I had no idea of the nature of the event,” Marciniak said in a statement. “If I had, I would have refused the invitation. “It is important that the value promoted by the organizers does not match my beliefs,” he apologized.

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