Park Kyul of “Field Fairy” is the smile queen!

Park Kyul finished four competitions, starting with the Lotte Rental Car Women’s Open in 2022. Park Kyul ranks 10th in the prize money rankings with 90,548,000 won in prize money, 11th with 65 points, and 9th with an average of 70.88 at-bats.

It is completely different from the one in the lower ranks when he failed to make the cut in six of the eight tournaments early last year. Park Kyul had to compete in the “seed game of hell” with 69th place in the prize money ranking in 2021.

In 2022, the season opener was 5th at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open and 3rd at the Nexen and St. Nine Masters 2022, participating in 4 competitions and making it to the TOP 5 in 2 competitions. Moreover, as his performance improved, Park Kyul continued to laugh throughout the round.

Regarding Lotte Rent’s severe heartache last year at the opening, Park Kyul said, “But now I’m more comfortable.” In the meantime, I’ve been hanging on to golf too hard. Whatever the outcome, I felt like putting it down.” 스포츠토토

“I went to Thailand for off-season training, and I tried to increase the distance. “I’ve improved from last year,” he said, adding, “My goal is to play hard but enjoy it.”

In the third round of the Nexen·St. Nine Masters 2022 (total prize money of 800 million won, winning prize of 144 million won) at Gaya Country Club (par 72, 6,813 yards) in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Park Kyul could not leave the field. He seemed to be more energetic than any other competition by talking about this and that with the same team leader Hana.

After catching a birdie on the second hole, Park Kyul smiled and responded to the cheers of many spectators. Of course, I also made a pleasant high-five with my caddie.

Park Kyul had five birdies without a single bogey in the final round. During the fourth round, he had 17 birdies and only three bogeys. He also received 52 million won in prize money, tied for third with a total of 14-under 274.

Park Kyul, who has a good start to the 2022 season, is not far from exceeding 100 million won in prize money for the tournament, so you don’t have to worry about seeds next year.

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