The steal king is the golden glove, Stops at 30 second base in first place. 6 Run Shortstop 3 Runner-up 2nd place Bump

The fight between LG Twins Shin Min-jae and KIA Tigers Park Chan-ho for the stolen base has begun. With Shin Min-jae at the top of the steal list, Park Chan-ho rose to second place and emerged as a strong competitor. 스포츠토토

Shin Min-jae, who wrote the “Cinderella” story from a pinch runner to a starting second baseman, is in first place with 30 stolen bases as of the 4th. Since he successfully stole 30 bases against Lotte in Jamsil on August 24, there has been only one failure in seven games and no stolen base.

Park Chan-ho is chasing fast. Park Chan-ho was ranked fourth with 21 until the 24th when Shin Min-jae recorded 30. Park Chan-ho, who posted one against Hanwha in Gwangju on the 25th, added one against NC in Gwangju on the 31st, and added two against SSG on the 1st and 3rd to quickly increase the number to 27. Now there are three differences between Shin Min-jae and Park Chan-ho.

The competition for the stolen base king between the two is interesting because the golden glove is on the title of the stolen base king. Shin Min-jae is challenging for the second baseman and Park Chan-ho for the Golden Glove in the shortstop category.

Shin Min-jae played in 96 games until the 4th and recorded a batting average of 313 (63 hits in 201 at-bats) with 22 RBIs and 35 points. There are many competitors. There are outstanding competitors such as NC Dinos Park Min-woo (0.317, one home run, 34 RBIs), Kiwoom Kim Hye-sung (0.322, six home runs, 50 RBIs, 22 steals), and Lotte Ahn Chi-hong (0.292, six home runs, 53 RBIs). As Shin Min-jae played as a pinch runner in the early stages and became the main player only in the middle of the season, it is difficult to fill the regulation at-bat. Only when he wins the title of the stolen base king can he compete with the existing strong players for the Golden Glove.

Park Chan-ho can solidify if he wins the stolen base king. He has the best batting performance among shortstop players this season. He has a batting average of .303 (117 hits in 386 at-bats) with three home runs and 45 RBIs. He is the only shortstop who can challenge the .300 batting average. Even now, his batting average is far higher than last year’s winners, LG Oh Ji-hwan (0.261, 4 home runs and 45 RBIs), SSG Park Sung-han (0.272, 8 home runs and 40 RBIs), and KT Kim Sang-soo (0.271, 1 home run and 42 RBIs). If he wins the title of the stolen base king and becomes the stolen base king for two consecutive years, he will be closer to his first golden glove in his life.

In terms of the number of games, Park Chan-ho seems a little more advantageous. LG has 32 games left, and KIA has 36 games left, so KIA will play four more games. The team is in a ranking battle, so it is not a situation where it can try to steal. If the team’s ranking is decided, they can pay attention to their individual performance, so the fight for stolen bases between the two is likely to be more intense at the end of the season.

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