The ‘Door of the Bulpen’ opened in a collision with KIA Na Sung-beom…SSG’s best hit is a double

The umpires declared an “agreed double.”

In a home game against the KIA Tigers in professional baseball at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 3rd, SSG Landers Choi Jung sent a big hit near the right outfield fence with two outs and no runners in the bottom of the first inning.

KIA right fielder Na Sung-bum jumped after tracking the ball, but failed to catch the ball.

Na Sung-beom tried to lean on the right outfield fence, but he lost his balance and fell as the fence opened. Finally, the point where Na Sung-beom collided was the “Gate of the Bullpen” where SSG pitchers warmed up in preparation for replacement.

Choi Jeong ran to third base, but soon KIA manager Kim Jong-kook asked the judges to make an “agreement decision.” 바카라사이트

After a brief discussion, the judges sent Choi Jung back to second base.

Referee Kim Joon-hee grabbed the microphone and said, “The KIA right fielder collided with the fence and the door to the bullpen opened, becoming a ‘ball dead’ situation. “I decided it was an acknowledged double,” he explained.

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