The referee suddenly hit the player with a weapon → A hole in the lungs… The player survives safely

The British media “Metro” reported on the 9th (Korea time) that “a terrible moment was seen when a football referee pulled out a knife during the game and stabbed a player who was struggling on the field.”

A video taken by an Argentine soccer fan showed the horrific moment when players from both teams rushed toward the referee during a game. When the player started pushing the referee, the referee stabbed the player in the chest.

As the player began to stumble and fall, other team members moved him off the field, and the shocked crowd gasped. Meanwhile, the referee, wearing a black belt and a white hat, ran to the other side as soon as the video was over. 토토사이트

According to media reports, the incident took place on December 2 at a soccer field in Scholush, outside El Dorado, Michione. The stabbing victim was a 21-year-old man who was reportedly taken to a hospital with a hole in his lung.

Images distributed by the police show the arrested perpetrators and murder weapons. According to local media reports, Referee Remigio Armoa was later arrested by the police, and the murder weapon was confiscated. A picture of the knife was leaked to the Argentine media.

The unnamed uncle of the player told local media, “Kevin is miraculously alive. It’s a very delicate moment for the family because he’s the Messi of the family. He’s a boy who has a talent for soccer, and he’s fortunate to have the opportunity to play for a club like Chakarita.”

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