The Playstudios core portfolio continues to track in line with the broader social casino category

We continue to focus on the two titles that have recently been converted. The Company believes that an adjustment and segmentation and pricing approach to the economy, coupled with increased cadence of new content for myKONAMI slots and myVEGAS slots, can substantially increase the rate of monetization and bring it closer to peer level. For your information, myKONAMI slots and myVEGAS slots are established franchises with a relatively large daily active user base.

“We continue to make progress in advancing our PlayerWords business by adding new partners and capabilities to our platform,” Pascal said. Tetris is increasing the presence of myVIP program and is happy with the initial results. Like other games, there is a clear and meaningful momentum of engagement when players interact with this value-added program. You are in the process of adding your myVIP loyalty program to your remaining games, which will significantly increase your audience share to enjoy the program’s unique loyalty benefits. Our ultimate goal is to dramatically expand the number of players and partners in the loyalty ecosystem by providing PlayerWords to external publishers so that we can ultimately grow into a standalone business.” 온라인경마

“As 2023 comes to an end, I am very excited about what lies ahead for PLAYSTUDIOS. We’re excited to launch a new game format under the Tetris banner, capturing meaningful opportunities with key social casino titles and encouraged by momentum across our growth portfolio. In addition to these gaming initiatives, we look forward to improving the capabilities and capabilities of our Player Wars segment as we prepare to open our models by providing loyalty solutions to other strategically aligned game publishers.”

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