The national team’s ace was born by roaring! Moon Dong-ju, 6 innings, 7K scoreless, complete revenge against Taiwan

Moon Dong-ju started the gold medal match against Taiwan at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which is being held at the first baseball stadium of the Xiaoxing Baseball-Softball Center in Zhejiang Province, China on the 7th. Following the Group B match on the 2nd, they faced Taiwan, the strongest opponent. Moon Dong-ju, who lost the game with two runs in four innings at the time, stopped six innings with three hits and no runs. He had seven strikeouts.

There was a crisis from the first inning, but we overcame it. When Moon Dong-ju overcame the crisis with no outs and runners on second base, the batters made the lead with the first run. Moon Dong-ju, who passed the first inning safely, threw like a completely different pitcher from the second inning. He overwhelmed Taiwanese batters.

Kim Hye-sung (2nd baseman), Kim Jihoon Choi (center fielder), Yoon Dong-hee (right fielder), Noh Si-hwan (third baseman), Moon Bo-kyung (1st baseman), Kang Baek-ho (designated hitter), Kim Joo-won (quick hitter), Kim Hyung-joon (catcher), Kim Sung-yoon (left fielder), starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju

Zeng Chongzhi (quicker), Lin Zhiwei (left fielder), Lin Li (designated hitter), Lin Anker (right fielder), Wu Nying (first baseman), Lin Zhao (third baseman), Li Haoyi (second baseman), Shen Haowei (center fielder), Lin Jia Zheng (captor), starting pitcher Lin Yu-min

Compared to the game on the 2nd, Taiwan made changes to advance the batting order of left-handed batter Lin Zhao. Lin Zhao came out as the eighth hitter and third baseman on the 2nd, but was upgraded to the sixth hitter and third baseman in the game on the 7th. The Taiwanese bench deployed five left-handed hitters between No. 1 and No. 6 to target Moon Dong-ju.

Moon Dong-ju was in crisis from the first inning, just like the last game. He was hit by a double over the center fielder’s key by leadoff hitter Zeng Jong-jeo. The next batter, Linzwei’s bunt, was caught and handled by himself. 파친코

He endured a crisis of losing a run on third base with one out. Shortstop Kim Joo-won moved quickly and handled Lin Lee’s ball. Zeng Jong-jeo’s home dash was checked, and he threw it accurately to the first base. Moon Dong-ju struck out Lin Anker with a check swing with two outs and a runner on third base. When Wang Taeng was judged to swing at third base, Lin Anker was embarrassed, and Moon Dong-ju roared.

Korea scored two first in the top of the second inning. Leadoff hitter Moon Bo-kyung’s double and opponent’s wild pitch led to a chance to get to third base with no outs. Kim Joo-won called in Moon Bo-kyung with a sacrifice fly. After two outs, Kim Hyung-joon’s left-handed hit and Kim Sung-yoon’s double to left field created an extra point opportunity. Lin Yu-min’s wild pitch made Kim Hyung-joon home to make it 2-0. At this time, the Taiwanese coach complained that it was not a level of rain that could proceed normally, but the referee refused to accept it.

Moon Dong-ju ended the second inning with three outs and three outs. He grounded out to second base and struck out Lin Zhao with a swing and miss. He made his third out count by groundering Li Haoyu to third base in the absence of two outs.

There were no runs in the third inning. After striking out Sean Haowei, he grounded out Lin Jia-jung to second base. It was a pitch that passed by the mound, so I tried to deal with it myself, but the ball was too fast. Instead, Kim Hye-sung handled it correctly, and Moon Bo-kyung also caught the throw safely. Moon Dong-ju got a heavy hit by Zeng Jong-jeo after two outs, but blocked Lin Zwei with a fly ball to third base and finished the inning.

Moon Dong-ju overwhelmed Taiwan’s batters in the fourth inning. He struck out the first batter, Lin Li, and the next batter, Lin Anker, with a series of swinging and missing strikeouts. He put it in the strike zone from the first pitch without being crowded by an unfavorable ball count. Wu Nying hit a grounder to shortstop to complete four scoreless innings.

Moon Dong-ju, who threw only four innings and was replaced in the group game on the 2nd. This time, he also took the mound in the fifth inning. Taiwanese batters couldn’t even send a hit to the outfield, let alone get on base. Moon Dong-ju grounded Lin Zhao to first base and Li Hao Yu to second base, then handled Sean Haowei to second base fly ball and met the winning requirements.

While the 2-0 lead continued, Moon Dong-ju also took the mound in the sixth inning and faced the Taiwanese lineup for the third time. After one out, Zeng gave up his third hit with a double. All three hits Moon Dong-ju hit on the day came from Zeng Jong-jeo’s bat.

Zeng claimed it was a home run that hit the top of the fence, but there was no video review in this tournament. There was no reversal of the decision.

With one out and second base, Moon Dong-ju struck out Linzwei with a swing and missed strikeout and put out the urgent fire. Linley hit a high fastball, struck out swinging, and roared loudly once again. It was like roaring to announce the birth of the national ace.

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