Ansan, how do you feel? “I’m not having fun because I’m not good at shooting.”Lim Sihyun, “triple crown” is self-appointed in “MVP.”

Lee Si-hyun won her third gold medal in the women’s individual final of the archery recurve at the Hangzhou Asian Games with a set score of 6-0 (29-26, 29-26, 29-28) at the Archery Field of the Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 7th.

It was fun, said Lee Si-hyun. “I tried to enjoy the game as much as possible,” he said with a bright expression. When the Korea Sports Council said it would select its own MVP, he appealed cutely to the reporters, saying, “Please pick me.” As for the nickname “Youngest Ace,” he welcomed it, saying, “Thank you for liking it.”

Ansan, who was interviewed together, said honestly, “Personally, I wasn’t happy because I didn’t shoot well.” Ansan fell into an eight-point swamp on the day.

Lee Si-hyun, who previously won gold medals in the women’s team event and mixed event, won three Asian Games archery medals for the first time in 37 years since the 1986 Seoul Games. At the Seoul competition, current women’s national team coach Ahn Chang-hoon won four gold medals, and Kim Jin-ho and Park Jung-ah won three gold medals each. Lee achieved such a feat in his first competition at the age of his terms and conditions.

Director Yang said, “I was lucky. There were competitions by distance. With the change in the way the game is played, it is impossible for the team to win three gold medals. Si-hyun is a student at Korea National Sports University, and I want to say thank you so much and congratulations from the bottom of my heart. It’s not easy to win three gold medals. It’s because I have to win first place from the preliminary round,” he said. Lee took first place in the ranking round and swept the gold medal in individual, team and mixed events.

Ansan unfortunately suffered a setback in the individual event at the Asian Games, which he participated in for the first time. The competition ended with one gold medal (group competition) and one silver medal (individual competition). Their joy and sorrow are divided.

Asked what he had to say before the game, Ansan said, “We cheered each other up and punched each other.” 토토사이트

Ansan, who had won three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, said to her junior Lee Si-hyun, “Congratulations. “If we take advantage of this experience, we will be able to become a better player through international competitions,” he said.

South Korea’s archery once again showed its dignity as an archery powerhouse at the Asian Games. Ansan said, “A lot of other countries have come up, but I’ve told you that archery in Korea is the strongest.” I was able to get good results because my sisters led me well. I’m satisfied with the result,” he said with a smile.

Lee vowed to do his best to achieve good results at the National Sports Festival and even next year’s Paris Olympics.

Meanwhile, the Korean archery “house fight” in Hangzhou. Lee Jung-hyun, who ranked first in the ranking round, was scared. In the first set, Lee took a 29-26 lead against Ansan, which failed to shoot 10 points out of three shots, shooting 10-9-10 points.

In the second set, Lee also led 29-26, the same score as in the first set. Ansan, which shot eight points once in the team event on the 6th, hit the first two of the three shots in the second set with eight points. He looked shaky.

Ansan showed signs of survival by shooting 28 points in the third set, but lost 28-29 with Lee’s remarkable concentration of losing only one point. The game ended blandly than expected. Lee Jung-hyun won with a set score of 6-0, and Ansan congratulated his younger brother.

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