The national soccer team that won the gold medal “Shake Shake” at Apgujeong Club…What are the reactions on the Internet?

Some of the Korean national soccer team players who won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games visited a club in Apgujeong-dong after returning home. However, there are mixed reactions among Internet users over their trip to the club.

On the 9th, a video was posted on SNS (social media) and a number of online communities, along with the fact that Asian Games national soccer players went to a famous club in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul as a group.

In the video, the phrase “Congratulations on the 3rd consecutive loss of the Korean national soccer team’s Asian Games” is written on one side of the club. Club officials delivered firecrackers to soccer players in champagne. 안전놀이터

It is known that four people, Kim Jung-hoon and Park Jae-yong (Jeonbuk), Lee Han-beom (Mitt Willan), and Hwang Jae-won (Daegu), attended the meeting. When they saw the champagne, they cheered and shook themselves.

Looking at the camera, Park Jae-yong covered his face by wearing the hood he was wearing. Lee Han-beom, wearing a black hoodie, continued to shake excitedly.

Kim Jung-hoon, who was behind Lee Han-beom, saw someone filming and immediately hugged behind Lee Han-beom. Hwang Jae-won moved to the music next to the club pillar and hurriedly turned his head.

The video appears to have been posted on his SNS by a club official. Posting the video, the official said, “I asked you to play soccer, and for the younger brothers who filmed the drama. I love you all. Congratulations,” he wrote.

The reactions of the Internet users who watched the video were divided. Some Internet users said, “You went because you didn’t have a girlfriend. “I didn’t lose the game, I came back from winning the championship and went on a break, so what do you think?” he said. “I’m a grown man. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t interfere with the game,” he said. “The tournament is over. In addition, they responded positively, such as “It’s a break” and “This is healthy.”

On the other hand, some people said, “I look forward to this season.” He criticized the players, saying, “You must be good at it, right?” “Add training at that time,” “It’s funny that you’re exempted from military service as replacement members except Hwang Jae-won and Lee Han-beom,” “If you’re selected as a national team, shouldn’t you be careful about your behavior?” and “You went to a national game with tax, but you want to go to the club like that because it’s over?”

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