Ladbrokes ban advertising for Premier League players

The banned advertisement features many famous Premier League soccer players. The commercial began in October when the company shared a video reel of soccer players Philippe Coutinho, Jesse Linard, and Kalidou Koulibaly on Twitter. The video was followed by the words, “Will these big summer contracts remove the question mark on their performance?”

Recently, regulations on gambling advertising have not been so strict. The only problem is that there is a “special attraction” to children, which means that their attraction is not proportional to adults. In 2022, the Advertising Practices Commission and the ASA decided that gambling advertising should not have a “strong appeal” for children. In fact, it means that all advertisements that have proven attractive to many children need to be banned. This time, the attraction of adults is not important.

Premier League players should not be included in gambling ads – exceptions can be made only for adult viewers, but overall, celebrities should not appear in these ads.

Soccer is an activity involving or involving a large number of minors, which is why Premier League soccer players are considered a significant risk factor.

Rules were integrated, but not enough: 슬롯머신사이트

Commenting on the matter, Ladbrokes said the company had “cautiously integrated” all its rules. While they have already claimed to have considered the risks to appeal to children, the company said it has “used all available targeting and age control tools” to allow only adults to see the ads.

The company targeted over 25 years old, and the charges were not dropped, although the analysis found that none of the minors saw the advertisement. The ASA claimed that the advertisement would no longer run because Twitter’s age verification was not done properly.

The ASA said: “We have considered that advertising may be allowed to appear in media where under-18s can be completely excluded from viewers regardless of all intentions and objectives. That will apply when people who see advertisements through payment data or marketing lists verified by credit verification are over 18 years old and strongly age-verified.

“We did not believe that marketing data derived from user behavior met that threshold.”

The biggest problem is that the results are unreliable because Twitter users check their age. The ASA thinks that is not enough. Advertising viewers probably included minors, and the content is not for them.

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