The Legendary Waters Resort and Casino Picks Table Track

Table Trac, Inc. announced an agreement to replace its competitor’s system with a casino track casino management system for the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior at the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino in Bayfield, Wisconsin. 경마사이트

Legendary Waters Resort & Casino is located in the northernmost part of Wisconsin within the boundaries of the Apostolic Islands National Lake. Located 3 miles north of Bayfield, 23 miles north of Ashland, and 80 miles east of Highway 13 Twin Ports, Legendary Waters is a beautiful resort and casino located on Lake Superior that offers stunning views throughout the facility.

“We found answers on the casino track about the need to improve game management systems more efficiently and best advance player development and direct marketing efforts. Their mission permeates every aspect and our team members and guests will greatly benefit from their advanced technology and ease of use,” said Randy Solier, interim general manager of Legendary Waters Resort & Casino

Chad Hoehne, president of Table Trac, Inc., said, “We are honored that the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior has selected a casino track management system for the Legendary Waters Resort and Casino.” “We are confident that the casino track will help grow Legendary Waters’ business through improved loyalty programs, reduced system downtime, the value of maintenance and support programs, and a streamlined process,” Höhne continued…

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