BetMGM, a leading sports betting and iGaming operator, is starting its football season with a broad evolution in sports betting apps

In the 2023-24 season, the new betting firm will have the opportunity to enter a $100,000 free pool of survivors and take advantage of the enhancements with the same gameplay.

BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt said, “We have developed a state-of-the-art sports betting platform to feature a variety of ways for sports fans to participate.” “The next generation of BetMGM apps is a huge step forward in the sports betting experience, improving pre, during and after-match entertainment levels.” 슬롯머신

  • $100,000 Survivor Pool Free: BetMGM launches a free play Survivor Pool offering $100,000 cash prizes. All BetMGM users can enter the app once free and select one team each week. Once the winning team is chosen, you cannot choose them for the rest of the season. The last remaining customer will win.
  • Seamless travel: Fans traveling multiple weeks this football season will have access to a streamlined BetMGM account experience because all login and cash balance details are seamless within the approved marketplace. (Except for real estate restriction apps through Nevada, Canada, Puerto Rico and regional partners)
  • 8-bit Barry: Offered exclusively to BetMGM customers thanks to popular demand, BetMGM Celebrity Ambassador Barry Sanders is dominating virtual grid irons in a free game celebrating the nostalgia of retro football video games. Every week, BetMGM customers choose the option to allow Barry Sanders to turn, juke, or stiffly arm himself toward the prize. If bettors choose correctly and leave defenders in the dust, they will receive a Parry Boost token, Odds Boost token, Same Game Parry Insurance token, Bonus Betting, and more as gifts.
  • Same Game Para-Lay+: BetMGM is introducing Same Game Para-Lay+, a new way to combine your favorite same game para-Lay to create one super para-Lay. Players can now easily link two different identical game parallays to one bet for exponentially increased probabilities.
  • EXCLUSIVE TEAM PARTNER HOME ODDS BOOST: EXCLUSIVE 50% LIVE ODDS BOOST TOBETERS AS NEW BONUS FOR BETMGM’S TEAM PARTNERSHIP. In-game bets must be within states of the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans.
  • 1st Betting Amount Hike: New Bet MGM users can choose between two offers raised this season. First-time bettors can bet up to $1,500 on their first bet and pay back their bonus bets if they lose, or they can bet $10 on every football game and get $200 in their bonus bets immediately.

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