“The back foot slipped, how…” 134m large home run → 193km bullet, strong strong Stanton is not worried

If you look at him, he is a man of mental strength. If the man of mental strength is healthy, you have no more worries. Giancarlo Stanton (35, New York Yankees), who had difficulty digesting the game full time due to major and minor injuries, is displaying mental strength in good health. 토토사이트 추천

Stanton started as the third designated hitter in the game against the Baltimore Orioles at the Bronx Yankee Stadium in New York on the 20th (Korea time) and swung two hits (one home run) and four RBIs in four times at bat. Although the team lost 6-7 after extra time, it revived the spark of a reversal in the game where Stanton was being dragged away.

Stanton faced pitcher Yenier Cano, who changed his chance at first and second bases with no outs, due to consecutive hits by Anthony Volpi and Juan Soto in the bottom of the seventh inning when the team was trailing 1-5. And he did not watch Cano’s mistake. He hit a 96.1 miles (154.7 kilometers) sinker with one ball and one strike, and hit a three-run homer over the central fence. Stanton’s 18th homer of this season. He only had a 20-degree angle of launch, but he flew at 113.6 miles (182.8 kilometers) and fell just 440 feet (134.1 meters). He chased the ball down to a one-run gap with a large homer.

Stanton’s strength was able to be confirmed again in the bottom of the ninth inning. He elevated the mood with a super catch by center fielder Alex Verdugo with two outs in the top of the ninth inning, and did not miss the chance to second base with one out, which was made by Anthony Wolfie’s double. He garnered one ball and two strikes against Creak Kimbrel. However, he mercilessly beat the 85.3 mile (137.3 km) knuckle curve, leading to a timely hit to tie the game. The batting speed was as high as 120 miles (193.1 km).

Major League statistical analyst Sarah Reims stressed on her SNS account that no player has hit more than 120 miles of super-strong balls than Stanton. He explained, “Since the Statcast era in 2015, there have been a total of five players who have hit more than 120 miles, and Stanton has hit the most with a total of 15.”

After the tie, the game was extended. However, after allowing two runs in the top of the 10th inning, he only scored one run in the bottom of the 10th inning, facing defeat. However, CBS Sports commented on Stanton’s performance on the day, “He did his best through heroic performance in the second half of the game. He increased the number of hits in consecutive games to seven, and he has posted a batting average of .300 with five homers and 16 RBIs in June alone. He is enjoying a good rebound season.”

“Stanton led the turnaround alone and led the game to extra time with two thrilling swings,” wrote the Yankees’ fan community Finst Life Valley. Regarding the three-run home run in the seventh inning, he said, “I shot a 440-foot laser beam to the center to narrow it down to one point from Baltimore,” and added, “I don’t know how I could hit 114 miles when my back foot slipped.”

Of the 76 games Stanton has played, he has played 66 games. It is safe to say that it is actually a full-time season. Since he played 158 games in the first year when he was traded to the Yankees in 2018, Stanton has played in more than 140 games. Even in the COVID-19 shortened season with 60 games in 2020, he played only 23 games, which is less than half of the total.

Throughout his career, he suffered from injuries including hamstring, knee, face, calf, groin, wrist, and Achilles tendon. After moving to the Yankees in 2018, the injury became more severe. In 2015, he signed a 13-year, $325 million mega deal with Miami, and with the Yankees taking charge of most of the deal after the trade, Stanton was becoming a banned player for Yankees fans.

However, he lost weight to spend a healthy season this year, and has entered the spring camp without any major injuries as a result. Stanton’s influence is also significant due to his team’s 51 wins and 25 losses. Healthy Stanton does not need to worry, and it is becoming the last puzzle for Yankees firepower.

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