Text repeats Brazil’s alleged match-fixing in CPI

Textor previously said he has evidence that Sao Paulo players were bribed in Brazil’s top flight match against Palmeiras. Palmeiras won the match 5-0. A month ago, Textor also claimed to own a record of bribed referees.

In response, Senator Jorge Cajuru delivered his claim to Federal Police Commissioner Andrei Rodriguez. Cajuru also asked federal police to subpoena Tektor within 24 hours, while also asking him to bring possible evidence. 메이저 토토사이트

The CPI was then launched to help Brazilian sports investigations into alleged match-fixing. Cajuru was appointed president, and Senator Eduardo Guillain was appointed vice president. In addition, former soccer player Romario was appointed as the rapporteur.

The CPI aims to investigate match-fixing complaints at weekly meetings in response to claims by players, coaches and betting companies. It can then ask the court to ban football if it is found to be at fault.

Textor was subpoenaed by the CPI after it was launched. He then told a secret meeting that his evidence would be forwarded to the committee. Botafogo’s owner noted that Palmeiras had never made the allegation that he was directly involved in manipulating the match.

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