Sweden plans to build 10 reactors in 20 years to double electricity production.

The Swedish government, which has been pushing for nuclear power expansion in recent years, has announced plans to build at least 10 reactors over the next 20 years.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian on Tuesday local time, Swedish Climate and Environment Minister Romina Faurmokhtari said the previous day that the country needs to double its electricity production over the next 20 years to meet its climate policy goals.

Sweden currently operates six nuclear reactors at three power plants – Porsmark, Oskarshamn, and Ringhals.

With an additional 10 reactors built here, Sweden’s nuclear power output is expected to increase dramatically.

Pörmokhtari said that this government has been committed to removing obstacles to building new reactors from the outset, and that nuclear power will play a crucial role in doubling electricity production.

This is the first time the Swedish government has mentioned the number of reactors it plans to build.

But environmentalists have pushed back.

Lars Nilsson, professor of environmental energy at Lund University in Sweden, argued that we can’t say for sure that we need 10 reactors.

He also said that building new reactors would be a burden on Swedish taxpayers, 먹튀검증 and that Sweden would lose some of its status as a green leader on the international stage.

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